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AdvancedMD Software, Inc.  |  Salt Lake City, Utah

AdvancedMD Software is a leading provider of Internet hosted practice management software and services ("PMS") targeted for medical practices with 1-25 physicians and billing services with 5-25 physicians. The system provides a broad range of tools that improve practice productivity and HIPAA compliance.

Courion Corporation

Courion Corporation  |  Westborough, Massachusetts

Courion offers a comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution that equips you with visual, real-time identity and access information so you can quickly and confidently provide open and compliant access to applications and data, recognize and reduce risk as it occurs, streamline compliance activity and expedite audits

Cymphonix Corporation

Cymphonix Corporation  |  Sandy, Utah

Cymphonix develops software applications that optimize the throughput and functionality of IP networks by quickly prioritizing network traffic and controlling or blocking bandwidth allocated to wasteful or dangerous applications.

DVDPlay, Inc.

DVDPlay, Inc.  |  Los Gatos, California

Founded in 1999, DVDPlay is the creator and manufacturer of fully automated and remotely managed retail machines. The Automated Entertainment Machine - AEM - represents the first in a line of Web-based retail-enabled technologies and machines to be developed by DVDPlay.

Media Forum, Inc.

Media Forum, Inc.  |  Salt Lake City, UT

Media Forum, Inc. has developed a proprietary wrapping technology that allows users to share and monetize content through social networking sites.  |

NetVision, Inc.

NetVision, Inc.  |  American Fork, UT

NetVision Inc. provides software that increases network security and reduces the cost of managing network directories. Since 1996, NetVision has successfully established its expertise, leadership role, and independent position in the growing directory integration and security monitoring market.

Ondax, Inc.

Ondax, Inc.  |  Monrovia, California

Ondax is the leading manufacturer of volume holographic filters for the industrial laser and telecommunication markets.


SmileReminder  |  Lindon, Utah

Smile Reminder is a patient communication software service that provides a secure and effective way for medical and dental practices to directly communicate with patients by automatically sending personalized, real-time text messages to patients on their cell phones, emails, pagers and more.

WellDog, Inc.

WellDog, Inc.  |  Laramie, Wyoming

Founded in 1999, WellDog develops new chemical sensing technologies for natural gas exploration and production. The company focuses on increasing natural gas production from unconventional reservoirs while reducing environmental impact.
Zane Benefits, Inc.

Zane Benefits, Inc.  |  Park City, Utah

Zane Benefits, Inc. has developed a web-based health benefits administration platform that employers use to reimburse employees tax-free for health and medical expenses, including insurance premiums. The company's patent pending software allows employers to seamlessly self-insure under-deductible benefits with a real-time reimbursement system. The company was founded in 2006 by Paul Zane Pilzer, a well-known expert on the healthcare industry and bestselling author.